Corporate and Industrial Personnel Management Solution for COVID-19 Fight

Corporate and Industrial Personnel Management Solution for COVID-19 Fight


In the world, coronavirus i.e COVID-19 is a very important topic and it has caused huge economic losses worldwide. During the epidemic, personnel monitoring problems are prominent. For example, quarantine personnel in and out cannot be tracked in time, and catering services are likely to cause cross infections. During the back to work period, personnel movements are intensive, and the health status of employees is difficult to track, which brings a lot of inconveniences and over workload to the supervision departments.

Personnel management solution specially created for the COVID-19 fight mainly adopts IoT and wireless communication technology. The electronic card/Device serves as a communication unit to collect personnel status (position, trajectory, alarm information, etc.) and obtains visual data through big data analysis and calculation, which can be used by managers to monitor, control area, track trace, and automatically statistics in real-time, so as to strengthen the control of epidemic personnel and effectively block the spread of the epidemic.

Personnel Management IoT Solution: Hardware+Cloud+APP

A solution that enables visualized management of persons by integrating software, hardware, and features such as geo fence, trip playback, and real-time location.

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